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Behind Pain, Anxiety and Chronic Illness

A mind-body, body-mind workshop for relief and transformation of pain for health care practitioners and wellness advocates.


This introductory, experiential, one-day workshop will bring together cutting edge mind-body medicine and introduce emerging models of health care interventions. Clients often present with issues that are unresolved such as re-occurring pain, digestive disturbances, anxiety, weight regain and other body symptoms and issues that cannot be explained. New research and clinical practices enable the practitioner to approach healing with a more bold and effective holistic model, which leads to a positive outcome for both clinician and client. The day will cover practical application of the mind-body / body-mind tool box in clinical practice.


  • Define what mind-body body-mind medicine encompasses
  • How to identify and become familiar with techniques for use with challenging health issues
  • How to reveal the root cause of suffering
  • Somatic techniques to move past and resolve pain
  • How to overcome emotional and stress behaviours
  • Awakening of the innate intelligence of the body


  • Exploring when clients fail to heal or maintain behavior change
  • Introduction and experience of mind-body body-mind tools
  • Somatic-based therapy
  • Mindful-based interventions
  • The importance of experiential learning
  • Specific techniques to work with in transforming pain, anxiety and illness
  • Food for pain reduction


This workshop is relevant to all health care practitioners, wellness advocates.

Clinical examples will be shared.

Limited spaces available – will fill quickly so reserve your spot today


Tarnie – 310-453-3811 or

Meg – 626 483 0214 or

Behind Pain, Anxiety and Chronic Illness


Price:  $197 EARLY BIRD PRICE $147 through 2/3/2018

Date:  Saturday 24th Feb 2018

When: Saturday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: A beautiful Studio and garden in Altadena

Dr. Meg Haworth is an Author, Holistic Wellness Expert, and Celebrity Chef.  She has been featured in the LA Times, NBC Nightly News, The Huffington Post, numerous podcasts & online summits, hosts a podcast series on iTunes, and taught cooking classes at Whole Foods Markets.  She is the author of six books on nutrition and personal development she is an Amazon Best Selling Author. As a survivor of sex abuse, drowning, being struck by lightning, healing over a dozen illnesses including fibromyalgia, Dr. Meg knows what it is like to overcome life’s biggest challenges and has helped thousands of others do the same.  She is the founder of Lightning Women; Overcoming the Wounds of Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse, a movement for women who suffered sex abuse and domestic violence as children and now have a chronic illness.  She offers total wellness solutions from over two decades of experience in her coaching programs, Get Well Now, What Celebrities Eat, and 21 Days to Healthy Eating with 10 Steps to Overcoming The Effects of Victimization. She also heals underlying emotional patterns at the cellular level in her groundbreaking process called Whole Person Integration Technique.

Tarnie Fulloon is an Australia trained physiotherapist, with her Masters of Arts in Psychology and Somatic Movement certification. Tarnie makes her home in Los Angeles, where she works as a somatic pain therapist and transformational life coach. She is also a speaker (TedxPresenter) and author.  Her new book Beyond Pain will be released in 2018

Using her signature BodyFreedom method, she guides her clients through body-centered and somatic practices to discover the hidden causes of their pain and anxiety. With a focus on back and neck pain, she mentors clients to find the freedom from their pain, and live with confidence, calmness, and joy.

Tarnie’s Testimonials

Tarnie is a miracle worker. I had back pain for a month and I could barely walk and absolutely could not sit. Within two sessions I could walk, sit and work again. It is truly a miraculous.

Laurence W. H, Writer, Producer

I was feeling very disconnected from myself and felt aimless in my life I also suffered with many physical symptoms that gave me pain on a daily basis

Learning to connect with my deep feminine core allowed me to access deep trapped emotions and resolve them releasing a lot of the pain and discomfort living in my body.

 Tarnie was an excellent intuitive guide that showed me ways of releasing stored emotions in a healthy way she is very nurturing and supportive and her psychic ability is far reaching being able to read me all the way from America when I am in Australia so the distance never mattered

Miranda Boardman

I found Tarnie both encouraging and comforting.  She offered me new tools to better understand my inner-self. I came away from each meeting with her feeling more relaxed and with a positive attitude.  Also, the surroundings she created with her peaceful studio and pleasantly landscaped yard were conducive to introspection.  In all, I found my time with Tarnie a very positive experience.

Lois Selzeer

Meg’s Testimonials

No wonder life has always felt like a struggle – I was carrying all this heavy baggage on my journey!  You helped me embrace my Fear, giving it a voice, understanding its purpose, and it has created a lighter experience of Life, a new energy of what’s possible!  Your Whole Person Integration session truly shifted my perspective and continues to “lighten my burden”. Your presence and insight have brought me into a powerful awareness that what I want to fulfill in this life is possible NOW, in this moment because Fear is now my ally!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me at a time when it was most needed, Dr. Meg.  I truly was at a crossroads.”

Barbara Beach, Equine Therapist & Life Coach

Working with Dr. Meg has been an incredible experience – she has come into my life at precisely the right time. After spending far too many years living from a place of fear and moving from one illness to another (including cancer), Dr. Meg was just the catalyst I needed to help me make a huge mental, emotional and spiritual shift.  She is a natural healer with an intuitive gift for helping others and has a kind way of making you feel safe as you work through and release any unhealthy patterns.  Thank you, Dr. Meg for walking along side me on my healing journey – I feel more connected and enlightened because of you

Marietta Goldman, Founder of Anchors & Adventures LLC

Dr. Meg is a true delight, a medical blessing, a true believer and has an educated understanding of all health lovers & dieters resulting in dream results. I’m a complete and utter convert!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Million Dollar Decorators

Tarnie changes lives!

Tarnie, I wanted to thank you for all your healing ways. You really, truly helped me. I never thought my life could change so much, and I think being aware of how I’m treating myself, and how I’m treating my body has helped tremendously.

-G. Stone, Cario

I am so thankful that I came to Tarnie when I did.  Traditional therapy did not get to the root of the issues I was dealing with. Traditional therapy did not make the emotional and physical connections that Tarnie was able to help me work through.  
I have nothing but love and appreciation for Tarnie’s method of using a compassionate push to help me work thorough the many years of stuffing my emotions down and ignoring what was really going on.  

Today, I am on a positive path. Words like joy, fun, and happiness have returned to me once again.

-J. Webb

Tarnie Fulloon, PT, MA
Transformational Embodiment Mentor
Greater Los Angeles Area, CA